"The most important investment of our time is in our community and our youth"

"The most important investment of our time is in our community and our youth"

My participation in the all Latina Goddess Mercado was very empowering for a young girl like me. Everyone was so sweet and made me feel welcomed. Honestly, I didn't expect that! I now feel incredibly fortunate to be a young Latina from this neighborhood. As a new businesswoman I felt like I had a lot of support at this new market. Seeing so many boss Latina women doing their thing really made me feel like I belong to this community. I feel that as Latina entrepreneurs we face similar barriers and struggles.  It felt good to know I was around relatable women that I could share experiences with . I am happy that I am now part of this community!

I am a student and reside in Boyle Heights. I started my business last august to help distract myself from all the crazy things going on in the world. Then I found my love for baking and making sweets by exploring other things I could make to help grow my business. My educational goal is to become a child psychologist and help children through emotional barriers and trauma so that they can succeed in school and life.  Thank you for supporting me at our next #thegoddessmercado!

Jenni Sierra- I am the owner and creator of Please follow me and support me by placing your next sweet order with me or visiting my booth at our monthly all Latina  @Thegoddessmercado.

@Thegoddessmercado at 1426 Maple Ave in DTLA

In efforts to support and encourage Latina entrepeneurialship and empowerment in our community, 323MARKET has agreed to sponsor participation of Latina high school students at our monthly events.  We are accepting applications for one free vendor spot at our monthly market. Must be a Latina high school student that is creating their own artwork or product at home.  

Please apply only in person at our next monthly market. See Diana at @mexichiccrafts booth.

"Mujeres unidas nunca seran vencidas"






When I showed my Mexican mom my pictures and told her about the purpose for my blog, she hesitantly approved by saying, “Esta bien, pero no vayas ha ensenar las chichis ni la panocha.” I Laughed!   I love hearing that word “Panocha” I also love the variations of that word in our Spanish! El Pan!  Pan caliente, pan dulce, la Pepa, La Pulpa, Uuuuuuuyyyy!  At the market, I read  “Large Panocha 89 cents a lb”. How sexy that they chose to use Panocha instead of Piloncio?!  That produce guy is a Chicano Dirtybag, de seguro!.   

“Okay madre!” I agreed, “No voy ha ensenar chichis ni panocha”, but in my mind I was thinking, she didn’t say anything about NALGAS! LOL! I know, what a dirtbag I am, but it’s nothing dirty at all! Everyone I know loves NALGAS!  So I'm going to fill my house with Nalgas and share my Nalgas with you!   Porque ha quien no le gusta una buena NALGA!


and hey! Know your power, "PANOCHA POWER"!


Please subscribe and read more about NALGAS soon! Tapatio Man part two, coming next!

 …and don’t be a Dirtbag, it’s Art!


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Photography by Crystal Lopez @eyesonuphotography

Creative Direction: Diana Diaz